Sculpture, currachs and furniture

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Here you will find text and images describing both current and historic work.

Boats, sculptures and furniture are available for sale from my workshop at Potager Garden, High Cross, Falmouth, Cornwall.

Phone 01326 317355 and 07976280610.

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Diary Date: I have an exhibition of work at the Falmouth Festival of Literature and Arts, Oct 5/6/7 2006. See

Oak wall hanging

Sycamore bowl, 3 feet long with accent inside

Dug out canoe, sycamore from Trelissick, Feock, Cornwall

I work primarily in wood sourced from the countryside around my workshop in deepest Cornwall.

Here we are felling some sycamore trees at Treverva. These trees were felled, cross cut and delivered to my shop in half a day (Sep 1 2006)

Sycamore is generally considered a weed, but it splits and works wonderfully.

Vase made from ash, available for sale from Aurea in Clifton, Bristol.

Diaspora 1

Materials: Greenheart, ex Queens

Wharf, Falmouth.

Location Budock Vean Hotel

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I build boats within the skin on frame tradition - kayks, umiaks, baidarkas, parasils, coracles and currachs.

Such boats are seaworthy, economical and have a small ecological footprint.

They also make a good subject for courses and workshops.

Images can be found at , wherein I have created a group called Currach Build. This is to share images of boats built using skin on frame techniques.
I have a website at which contains sequential images of the build of St Piran's currach, used every year during the St Piran Day celebrations at Perranporth.


Oak and ash bench using compass timber

Pointless chair, oak, acacia and ash

Chair made for Satish Kumar to sit on for Glad(e)06 at Trelissick Gardens.

Materials: sycamore, ash and copper

Friday, September 01, 2006

YellowMoonlight Events

glad(e) 07

date: saturday june 2nd
place: trelissick woods, feock, cornwall

entrance: £10 per person, £15 family - numbers limit: 150

tickets: hazel rods

theme: fire 'n food - a celebration with art, craft and performance

compadres: national trust, sustainable trust, bishops forum, pindrop theatre, common purpose, cornwall college (matt), university college falmouth (jeremy/ben), elemental tours

funding: gate receipts, raffle, grants - awards for all


currach build workshop: may 28 to june 1: £140 including wood but not cloth
hedgerow baskets: 31st may 1000hrs to 1600hrs: £30
design and build in the woods: june 1 1000hrs to 1600hrs: £30
art in the woods: june 1 1000hrs to 1600hrs: £30

on-the-day activities

opening address
fire making with friction
making woodland bread
view woodland painting and sculpture (theme fire and food)
drama workshop
charcoal making
demonstations: timber framing, log splitting, axe throwing, basket making, adze work, chair making
woodland observation

2006 saw the start of YellowMoonlight - the name is taken from a John O'Donohue poem:

When the canvas frays
In the currach of thought
And a stain of ocean
Blackens beneath you
May there come across the waters
A path of yellow moonlight
To bring you safely home