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Saturday, September 02, 2006


Diary Date: I have an exhibition of work at the Falmouth Festival of Literature and Arts, Oct 5/6/7 2006. See

Oak wall hanging

Sycamore bowl, 3 feet long with accent inside

Dug out canoe, sycamore from Trelissick, Feock, Cornwall

I work primarily in wood sourced from the countryside around my workshop in deepest Cornwall.

Here we are felling some sycamore trees at Treverva. These trees were felled, cross cut and delivered to my shop in half a day (Sep 1 2006)

Sycamore is generally considered a weed, but it splits and works wonderfully.

Vase made from ash, available for sale from Aurea in Clifton, Bristol.

Diaspora 1

Materials: Greenheart, ex Queens

Wharf, Falmouth.

Location Budock Vean Hotel

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